Cats in the Hats where do I begin!

Its been a busy busy few months since I last blogged! But I have been a crafting fool!

Its been bags, bags, and more bags. I have been the crazy bag lady and it has been FUN! Some of these have been spoken for but some are ready to go to new homes!

Tote Bag available $75 + shipping
Tote Bag available $75+shipping
Scrap tote bag $85 + shipping
Tote Bag $75 +shipping
Side 1 of tote bag $85 + shipping
Side 2 of scrap tote bag
Bags for days!
More bags for dayz!
These two have been spoken for and are hanging out in their new homes 🙂
scraps to good use
When in doubt use scraps to make a diaper bag 🙂
scrap use
I dont like wasting any scraps so I whipped out these fun bags to put in the diaper bag
more bagzzz
Blue & Gold tote bags $75 +shipping the one in the front is taken the rest are available
more bags
More tote bags available
fun bagz
This was my first time “quilting” and I had alot of fun with this! This one has been spoken for already.
The one on the left is available (looking at screen). I ended up keeping the one on the right because it had minor mistake that I didnt want to fix or sell it the way it was 🙂
bagz in the making
What I am currently working on smaller tote bags for $65


2 Replies to “Cats in the Hats where do I begin!”

  1. I just saw a really neat traveling bag you made for Zoe Anelon do you have any for sale and how do I view your quspuks on line?
    Also the beautiful quspuks you made for Staci I just love your work

    1. My apologies that it took so long to respond! I post my stuff for sale on my Sew Yup’ik facebook site. I am also slowly in the process of creating an Etsy account. I can post the ones I have for sale in the next week or so on my blog. Thank you! I love sewing and making gifts for friends and family 🙂

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