Holiday sewing madness

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Quilted bag #1
Quilted bag #1

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November and Christmas have been a super busy month for me! Heres all my awesome sewing creations! 🙂

Enjoy my work! I had a blast making these!

Finding the good in the bad…

Christmas came and went. Presents in and out. Smiles and tears. Mostly tears.

December 23rd I lost another awesome uncle. My uncle Hank was a great man. A twinkle in his eye. A great big smile that never failed to put a smile on your face.

Although I am saddened his presence is missing. I am grateful for the time that I spent with him. I smile looking back on the time spent with Uncle Hank a few months ago. Although I saw him only at funerals, anniversaries, and weddings each moment I treasure.

Thank you Uncle Hank for making me laugh. Thanks for being awesome. Silly. Loving. And caring.

You will be missed greatly.

Me, auntie Diane, Uncle Hank. Rest in peace Uncle
Me, auntie Diane, Uncle Hank. Rest in peace Uncle

This has been a tough year for my families. I have lost another family member which leaves a wide open space of nothing. I look back and I smile for all the happy memories with my cousin, brother, friend Nick. Nick was one of a kind. He was quiet,  caring, and loving. He had a heart of gold. He went above and beyond for family, friends, and strangers. I am going to miss his laughter. One of my favorite memories was when Nick snuck me, Tina, and Alan out of our fishcamp to go fishing at 2 am. We went to one of the abandoned barges, and jammed out to KYUK 640 am and fished till the wee hours of the morning. So carefree and awesome Nick was. I am going to miss you Nick. 

Fishcamp days. Nick, me and my brother. Miss you always Nick.
Fishcamp days. Nick, me and my brother. Miss you always Nick.

Life is too short. Never miss a moment to tell loved ones you love them. Life is unpredicable. Live every moment to its full potential.

Sew Crazy

I have been on a sew fest, craziness!

Discovering I can make new things, in a short amount of time is awesome! So what do I do?

I make LOTS of them! And then some!

Here are my latest and greatest!

Fish bags for days. These are for your plastics!
Fish bags for days. These are for your plastics!
bag 1
Inside scrap bag
Scrap bag side 2
Scrap bag side 1
Scrap bag side 1
Inside scrap bag

I made this for a friend but was soo tempted to keep it! We bartered and she gets this bag and I get a cute hippy slouchy hat! Pictures to come when it is in good hands. My hands!


Odd ways

Life has odd ways of throwing curve balls your way…

It makes you realize what you need to be grateful of

Yes, its December and its in the 40s and there is no snow

But I have a roof over my head

Food to feed my family

and firewood to keep them warm (if it ever gets cold again)

But no matter what.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.

Reasons unknown. But…

You just go with the flow.

You dont stop.

You keep going because oddly, this was something that was supposed to happen.

Either it will make you stronger


break you down.

Either way.

Keep going.

When life throws you curveballs

you dont just stand there and watch

You dont take the walk

You fight. And you swing hard.

Be grateful for life.

Be grateful for family.

Most of all be grateful that you have the strength to stand there and take whatever life throws at you.

Treasures from long ago…

As I rummaged thru the old boxes, suitcases, and totes filled with treasures my blood began to boil.

How could she have kept all this from me all these years?

Things that I could have been wearing.

Things that I could have been re-making.

Things that I could have kept safe from the mold…

But then I remembered how selfish she is.

How she wants to keep things from me, and how she has.

And she managed to steal things of mine that I use on the daily like my steel toe extra tuff boots.

Finding those boots just re-affirms my thoughts on how she is so selfish, and she will take things of mine just so I cant have them.

Fur hats that my brother and I wore as kids.

A fur hat I made in 2nd grade.

Mukluks that my gram made.

Ivory earrings.

Pictures of some time ago.

Qaspeqs for days…

Knitted socks my gram made.

All stashed away just so I cant have them. Wear them. Or share them.

Thank goodness I was able to salvage them. And now I can take better care of them.

Life is too short to be selfish.

Give as much as you can. And take as much as you can.

There is no need for saving things. Use them now.

The treasures from long ago. Thank goodness I found them.

Whats the use of saving if your never going to use them?