Qaspeq, Kuspuk, Atikluk

Another busy last couple days sewing! I got some Mother Day gifts in the mail πŸ™‚ I treated myself to a nice new rolling bag for my fancy machine! And I upgraded my cottonwood buds in a nice new big jar so they can steep away nicely in the extra virgin olive oil.

Qaspeq Fun

Its been a busy month of April! Sheesh its almost May time flies when you are having a BLAST πŸ™‚

I have been on a motivated sewing binge and have been able to whip through orders. Thankfully all my customers are patient with me and I am forever grateful to all of them.

It is also a busy month of harvesting cottonwood buds. Cottonwood bud salve and oil is really good for achy muscles and joints. I have been trying to gather a jar a day because I love sharing with those who cant go out and pick them.

We also tried our luck with fishing. We skunked out and caught a cod and a flounder but sent them back to the ocean floor. A friend of ours caught two halibut and I deskinned them. I need to clean them and tan them and hopefully can get back in the groove of fish skin sewing.

And I finally brought home my big beautiful machine and put away my trusty Brother machine for a rainy day. It has been soooo ahhhhmazing to be able to sew on a super duper nice machine πŸ™‚ maybe that’s where I found my motivation!

Happy Days to all of you and summer is right around the corner!

April Qaspeq Class & Fun Stuff

Check out all the fun stuff!


I just returned to my other home from an amazing weekendΒ  in Bethel! πŸ™‚

It was a wonderful qaspeq class with 13 students and almost everyone made 2 qaspeqs and I had a beginner student who made 7 qaspeqs!

It was such a refreshing trip home. I got to visit with my stinker nieces, steam with my girlfriends, get some snuggles with Owen, and visit with some of my favorite elders.

It is always a whirlwind trip jam packed with goodies! I was so thrilled with all my students and their beautiful qaspeqs! Many of them are ready to make more and their love for sewing sparked over the weekend!

And before class I got to do some fun sewing in and made a super duper cute BB Bag.

Summer is in the air and I am getting excited for a new kind of summer in my new home. I hope to get back on the fish skin sewing train and use up my beautiful halibut, snapper and salmon just marinating in alcohol in my fridge. They are anxiously waiting to be sewn πŸ™‚

I failed to mention I made my awesome work cutting/fabric storage area in my Kenai Construction Academy! Check me out! I am trying my hand at everything so I can someday be a super duper handywoman.

Happy Monday!

Fun March Happenings


Its been a wild March month!

We bought a house, remodeling the house, working full time, making baby quilts, Kenai Construction academy which is a 4 week training with electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and welding. Its been an amazing 4 weeks and I have learned A LOT. I will hopefully be building a sewing table/fabric storage/cutting table this week in carpentry.

School part time with my diet and nutrition courses, and my ethnobotany course. I am slowly working towards my Ethnobotany certificate and am excited to continue and learning about plants as medicine.

I was able to travel to Bethel last month for work and it was so great to be home.

Two fun giveaways! And I am thinking about doing another giveaway on this page so I can get the word out πŸ™‚ Keep posted!

I finished my first big qaspeq order for the Kuskokwim Campus college. I cant wait to share pictures of the students in their beautitful qaspeqs.


Qaspeq Class