Qaspeq Fun

Its been a busy month of April! Sheesh its almost May time flies when you are having a BLAST 🙂

I have been on a motivated sewing binge and have been able to whip through orders. Thankfully all my customers are patient with me and I am forever grateful to all of them.

It is also a busy month of harvesting cottonwood buds. Cottonwood bud salve and oil is really good for achy muscles and joints. I have been trying to gather a jar a day because I love sharing with those who cant go out and pick them.

We also tried our luck with fishing. We skunked out and caught a cod and a flounder but sent them back to the ocean floor. A friend of ours caught two halibut and I deskinned them. I need to clean them and tan them and hopefully can get back in the groove of fish skin sewing.

And I finally brought home my big beautiful machine and put away my trusty Brother machine for a rainy day. It has been soooo ahhhhmazing to be able to sew on a super duper nice machine 🙂 maybe that’s where I found my motivation!

Happy Days to all of you and summer is right around the corner!

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