Happy Halloween!

My first attempt at a qaspeq vest! I think it turned out pretty darn sweet! Will definitely be making more of these!
boys waspeq
Another boys qaspeq! I loved how this one turned out with the trimming and ric rac!

Happy Halloween!

Here are more to top off the end of the month! BUT I will be rushing home at lunch to whip out my husbands costumes we are going to be Coke and Rum! And they will be homemade costumes so I will be posting photos tomorrow after I have them made! I decorated the outside of the house last night and just need to add more spooky things and spooky tunes!

Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween! Be safe! & Eat lots of candy!

October, its not over yet…

Halloween qaspeq
I whipped out this cute little qaspeq during my lunch hour. This one is going to a special little stinker.
Halloween boys qaspeq
This one is a boys size 7-8 qaspeq for a friends little boy.

Just a few more days to whip out more products for the month of October!


So nuts! A month filled of crafting, political antics, classes, traveling to the villages, and school, oh and I forgot to mention HOME life which all together can be stressful.

This evening is dedicated to halloween bag, qaspeqs, and class. OH and decorating my small porch for Halloween so the kids can have a little scare before they get their jumbo size candy bars!

Will post photos later!

For the meantime ENJOY!

October as a busy bee

Another busy bee.

Who says 13 credits, full time job, part time job, teenager, husband, pupper-do and sewing wasnt possible?

I guess you can say I like to stay busy as a bee, and do a very good job of that.

We are half-way thru October, which is insane! Where has summer gone? Where has fall gone?

As winter nears I get excited but sad because of how quickly time passes us, and sometimes I dont stop to enjoy the moments.

I enjoy what I do.

I enjoy my full time job.

My part time job working with the political frenzy is coming to an end. Only 12 more days and then the big boom of rush to the polls. So vote early, and just flat right vote.

And I love sewing. I love when winter nears because that means it times to bust out the fur and get fuzzy.

If I could just sew and go to school I dont know if that would be busy enough for me hence the two other jobs and all the other hats at home.

BUT enough rambling.

Heres the latest and greatest and I should have more projects to share before the end of the year!


another boys qaspeq
Boys size 10 simple qaspeq
bags in the making
More bags in the making! I love these colors and how well they mesh.
boys qaspeq
Another one of my favorite boys size 10 qaspeq.
cup cozies
I SAVE all my scraps and they come in handy when I whipped out these cup cozies.
halloween bags
More kids Halloween trick or treat bags because they were a hit the first time, I had to whip them out a second time.
grass basket collecting
Lets hope that these make some amazing grass baskets. I dont know how to make them yet but I am willing to learn and this is the first step collecting and drying it. I will post a proper photo of how to dry them because there is a specific way.
moose tops
My latest and greatest project moose beaded slipper tops. Beading isnt one of my strong areas but I am hoping to get better as I continue to bead.
Halloween Trick or Treat Bags
More Halloween trick or treat bags different style

Do what makes you happy. 

Do it often and with joy because life is all about being happy and finding joy in the little things such as sewing or beading.

October= Sew busy

bridal set of make up bags
These were made with love for a bride and her bridesmaids
homemade is best
Homemade jam, bread, and owl qaspeq for a cute little stinker
yet again more trick or treat
Halloween is around the corner, check out these cute halloween bags!
trick or treat bags
Three reversible table runners Christmas and Halloween, with two small kids trick or treat bags
more trick or treat
Larger trick or treat bags
matching hat and glove set
I made a matching hat to go with my mittens.
living in the moment
Live in the moment.

October is half way thru and I feel like a sewing machine! I love the holidays and making stuff for the kids so I whipped out a ton of halloween trick or treat bags, and some table runners for those festive mamas.