-44 degrees makes me :(

This morning we woke up to -44 degrees with the wind chill, and boy I tell it was cold, cold, cold! On days when its so cold, those are the hardest to get out of bed. We heat our house mainly with the wood stove, and keep the thermo down to 68 degrees, which is beyond freezing for me! But you just gotta keep chugging along! The juice train has slowed down to once maybe if we are lucky twice a day. This morning I made a quick berry & banana smoothie which was delish!

Classes are keeping me busy, and on my toes, as well as work. I have been sewing like a maniac and heres my progress soo far!

Mighty Kuskokwim Fish bags that hold plastic bags!
Mighty Kuskokwim Fish bags that hold plastic bags!


Make-up bags. You can see the bag on the right was my first back into working with zippers :D
Make-up bags.
You can see the bag on the right was my first back into working with zippers 😀

As you can see I would rather be sewing, sewing away than homework! But my goals have been to do as much homework in one sitting so I can sew away!

To kick my butt back in gear I have been getting or TRYING to get back in the gym every other day! I need to start training my butt into Portland 1/2 marathon shape! In high school I ran cross-country and the fastest 5k I ran was 19:28 today I ran it in 26:58. Thats not too bad considering what it was before! I am making progress each week and I am loving every minute of it!


Onto the juice train! I made a delish juice this evening and am sipping away as I type. I have managed to eat healthy, try to maintain a good work out plan, and juice which has kept me at 130 lbs.

Since my work is nuts and doesnt allow any youtube videos to be watched, or any videos for that matter I must get  working on this damn homework! Have a great evening!


Productive Fridays

Found some crazy inspiration yesterday and went on a baking spree!!!

I was feeling inspired to make homemade pizzas. So to start my day I out I tested out some HUMONGOUS cinnamon rolls. This was my first time making cinnaman rolls and I used this recipe from Finnskimo’s blogspot. It was super easy and quick! They turned out amazing! Well the first batch were most definately on steroids!

Cinnamon rolls on roids!
Cinnamon rolls on roids!

From cinnamon rolls it was onto the bread. I have never made homemade bread before so I was a little nervous. But, I think I did okay I made about 9 loaves, and dinner rolls the only thing I will do differently will be to use half and half with all purpose flour and whole wheat flour. For the dinner rolls and bread I used all wheat flour, but the bread turned out great! I used the recipe from The Crafty Conundrum’s website. Heres the recipe.

Friday work station
Friday work station

After the cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, and bread it was time for the pizza! I found an easy pizza dough here. I had a bit of trouble working with the pizza dough because my yeast was too cold. For some odd reason I thought I needed to keep the yeast in the fridge BUT turns out that doesnt do anything. Three times I tried making the pizza dough but the yeast wasnt activating and finally I took it out and let it warm up and it worked!

The finished product
The finished product!

Overall I had an amazing, productive Friday! My usual Fridays as lounging around, drinking coffee all day and trying to the find the motivation to do something but not this past Friday! Also since I sprained my ankle pretty bad in my basketball game on Thursday I was hobbling in the kitchen all day yesterday. I wasnt going to let a little pain stop me from being awesome!

Not too shabby.
Not too shabby.

I also in the process of making of King Salmon fish bag holders. Heres a sample of one. You put your recycle bags in the tail and pull them out from the mouth! They are brilliant!

Fish bags
Fish bags


Tomorrow will be another productive day! But I will most definately be spending more time in the great outdoors. We had an amazing day of snow, snow, snow! So I cant wait to try out my skis for the first time this year .


I cant wait to try this recipe! 🙂 Thanks Samantha for the awesome recipe!


Pizza has always been one of my weaknesses, thus I am constantly trying to find ways to make it more healthy!  I don’t know about you guys, but I always feel pretty yucky after eating all those carbs from the crust!  This pizza crust recipe is low-carb and gluten free! I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this! Now if only I could substitute the cheese for something else….



Prep time:  15 mins
Cook time:  35 mins
Total time:  50 mins
  • 1/2 head cauliflower (about 2 cups riced)
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 cup part-skim shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon basil
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400° F.
  2. Prep a cookie sheet or pizza stone. You can grease the cookie sheet or use parchment paper. I would highly recommend using a pizza stone or parchment paper as it tends to stick to pans.
  3. Remove the…

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Keeping healthy

Since I havent been juicing because Joe is still on the juice fast I have been trying to eat healthy. Salads, caribou, moose, and beans & rice. Tonight was the first night that I started juicing! 🙂

Caribou spaghetti with sauteed peppers & mushrooms
Caribou spaghetti with sauteed peppers & mushrooms

Carrots & apple and it is delicious.

Carrot/Apple Juice
Yummy carrot & apple juice


I started my work out plan again and started with rowing. We have a rowing machine at home and 15-20 minutes out of my night along with pull-ups is a great way for me to start the work out plan. Since I have been getting home at 7 every evening, and have to cook dinner I will start my running tomorrow. I like running earlier in my day to get going, and moving.

I was late getting to the Farmers Market which opens at 3 pm and I got there at 3:05 and all the kale was gone! Along with other veggies! I was pretty sad but I guess I just have to get there earlier. But I did pick up some delicious apples, carrots, and lemons. Still amazes me how much I spend every Wednesday & Saturdays but I have to remember its healthy!

I found out some bad news this afternoon, one my friends/classmates died in a car crash. I am still in shock, she was only 27 years old with a beautiful family. Please cherish every moment with your family, and friends. Life is to precious to waste.

It is not others we need to impress, it is ourselves.Tammy Jo McIntyre
It is not others we need to impress, it is ourselves.
Tammy Jo McIntyre

Time to kick myself into 1/2 marathon shape!

Now that the juicing cleanse is done for now its time to kick myself into shape! Juicing will always be apart of my life and down the road I will go for 10 days and be successful! Its just too costly to try and juice here in Bethel. I would have to sell my body on the street corners to juice for 10 days, well not really but it does cost us an arm and a leg. It has shown us that being healthy, and intaking the right amount of veggies and fruits really make a difference in our lives for the better. Joe lost in total 20 pounds and he is still juicing strong. I didnt mention in the beginning but he also has been suffering from a skin rash of some sort. He has seen many doctors and no one really knows what it is. He was prescribed prescription medications, creams, ointments and nothing seemed to help. But now today he says he feels great, and the itching has gotten almost 100% better. It is still there but not as bad, some nights he wouldnt be able to go to sleep, he would stay up just miserable. So it goes to show that juicing is awesome!

People always say eating healthy is expensive and I am sure where you live its not, but here in Bethel the prices are ridiculous. Eating healthy here is expensive. But to keep veggies and fruits apart of our day we will continue to juice as well as incorporate more of it into our meals. In the past I would come home from work and be so exhausted and make macaroni and cheese, or something just as bad. But now I am making an effort to cook healthy meals. On tonights menu is caribou sketti with sauteed mushrooms and peppers in coconot oil. I was so tempted to saute the shrooms and peppers in butter for taste but I resisted! When it comes to the bread there is no healthy alternative besides making homemade bread which is my next mission. I want to start making bread weekly and sourdough pancakes on Sundays. There are many more to dos on my list of homemaking skills but I need to take them one step at a time. 

On to starting my running madness I havent quite found the 1/2 marathon workout that I like in particular. So I am trying to create my own with all the ones that I have come across on pinterest. But my running will start this week! I am ready and have the energy of a moose to run, run run!


Day 5 and the last

Well due to this juice fasting draining my pockets I am going to have to switch back to food, and possibly juice once or twice. In the past 8 days Joe & I have spent $750 if not more on veggies and fruits. So, to keep our bank accounts happy Joe is going to juice more than twice a day, and I will cut down. Im not ready to quit juicing, but I dont want to spend a $1000 in 10 days just on food. Thats a $100 a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And come on lets not admit that many of us are willing spend $100 a day to feed ourselves.

But to finish out the day I juiced last night and made breakfast slurps to take to work today. We ran out of stock and had to go shop at the Farmers Market. Heres our cute little awesome family run farmers market.

Love this little place!
Love this little place!

I got some delicious veggies & fruits today from the market, and was thrilled with the selection. We finally got some kale, Yay! It was todays bill that put us over the edge, I ended up purchasing $150 on our meals.

Nothing like fresh produce to put a smile on my face.
Nothing like fresh produce to put a smile on my face.

On a happier not it was my neices 2nd birthday today! She is my little stinker, and has my heart and all my attention. I had time at work today to do some crafting, and since she loves Dora the Explorer like most toddlers I made her this cute little bag. I cant wait to see her expresion when she sees the bag. I also plan on making her an apron, and a qaspeq.

Her very first customized reversible purse

A girl is never too young to start collecting purses. 🙂

Now that I am resting, and my feet are kicked up its time to introduce a meal to this lean, mean, eating machine. I am down 11 pounds, feeling great. Thinking clearly. And energized I am ready to start eating right and healthy. That freezer full of salmon, moose, and caribou are calling my name. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!