Time to kick myself into 1/2 marathon shape!

Now that the juicing cleanse is done for now its time to kick myself into shape! Juicing will always be apart of my life and down the road I will go for 10 days and be successful! Its just too costly to try and juice here in Bethel. I would have to sell my body on the street corners to juice for 10 days, well not really but it does cost us an arm and a leg. It has shown us that being healthy, and intaking the right amount of veggies and fruits really make a difference in our lives for the better. Joe lost in total 20 pounds and he is still juicing strong. I didnt mention in the beginning but he also has been suffering from a skin rash of some sort. He has seen many doctors and no one really knows what it is. He was prescribed prescription medications, creams, ointments and nothing seemed to help. But now today he says he feels great, and the itching has gotten almost 100% better. It is still there but not as bad, some nights he wouldnt be able to go to sleep, he would stay up just miserable. So it goes to show that juicing is awesome!

People always say eating healthy is expensive and I am sure where you live its not, but here in Bethel the prices are ridiculous. Eating healthy here is expensive. But to keep veggies and fruits apart of our day we will continue to juice as well as incorporate more of it into our meals. In the past I would come home from work and be so exhausted and make macaroni and cheese, or something just as bad. But now I am making an effort to cook healthy meals. On tonights menu is caribou sketti with sauteed mushrooms and peppers in coconot oil. I was so tempted to saute the shrooms and peppers in butter for taste but I resisted! When it comes to the bread there is no healthy alternative besides making homemade bread which is my next mission. I want to start making bread weekly and sourdough pancakes on Sundays. There are many more to dos on my list of homemaking skills but I need to take them one step at a time. 

On to starting my running madness I havent quite found the 1/2 marathon workout that I like in particular. So I am trying to create my own with all the ones that I have come across on pinterest. But my running will start this week! I am ready and have the energy of a moose to run, run run!


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