Productive Fridays

Found some crazy inspiration yesterday and went on a baking spree!!!

I was feeling inspired to make homemade pizzas. So to start my day I out I tested out some HUMONGOUS cinnamon rolls. This was my first time making cinnaman rolls and I used this recipe from Finnskimo’s blogspot. It was super easy and quick! They turned out amazing! Well the first batch were most definately on steroids!

Cinnamon rolls on roids!
Cinnamon rolls on roids!

From cinnamon rolls it was onto the bread. I have never made homemade bread before so I was a little nervous. But, I think I did okay I made about 9 loaves, and dinner rolls the only thing I will do differently will be to use half and half with all purpose flour and whole wheat flour. For the dinner rolls and bread I used all wheat flour, but the bread turned out great! I used the recipe from The Crafty Conundrum’s website. Heres the recipe.

Friday work station
Friday work station

After the cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, and bread it was time for the pizza! I found an easy pizza dough here. I had a bit of trouble working with the pizza dough because my yeast was too cold. For some odd reason I thought I needed to keep the yeast in the fridge BUT turns out that doesnt do anything. Three times I tried making the pizza dough but the yeast wasnt activating and finally I took it out and let it warm up and it worked!

The finished product
The finished product!

Overall I had an amazing, productive Friday! My usual Fridays as lounging around, drinking coffee all day and trying to the find the motivation to do something but not this past Friday! Also since I sprained my ankle pretty bad in my basketball game on Thursday I was hobbling in the kitchen all day yesterday. I wasnt going to let a little pain stop me from being awesome!

Not too shabby.
Not too shabby.

I also in the process of making of King Salmon fish bag holders. Heres a sample of one. You put your recycle bags in the tail and pull them out from the mouth! They are brilliant!

Fish bags
Fish bags


Tomorrow will be another productive day! But I will most definately be spending more time in the great outdoors. We had an amazing day of snow, snow, snow! So I cant wait to try out my skis for the first time this year .


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