Treasures from long ago…

As I rummaged thru the old boxes, suitcases, and totes filled with treasures my blood began to boil.

How could she have kept all this from me all these years?

Things that I could have been wearing.

Things that I could have been re-making.

Things that I could have kept safe from the mold…

But then I remembered how selfish she is.

How she wants to keep things from me, and how she has.

And she managed to steal things of mine that I use on the daily like my steel toe extra tuff boots.

Finding those boots just re-affirms my thoughts on how she is so selfish, and she will take things of mine just so I cant have them.

Fur hats that my brother and I wore as kids.

A fur hat I made in 2nd grade.

Mukluks that my gram made.

Ivory earrings.

Pictures of some time ago.

Qaspeqs for days…

Knitted socks my gram made.

All stashed away just so I cant have them. Wear them. Or share them.

Thank goodness I was able to salvage them. And now I can take better care of them.

Life is too short to be selfish.

Give as much as you can. And take as much as you can.

There is no need for saving things. Use them now.

The treasures from long ago. Thank goodness I found them.

Whats the use of saving if your never going to use them?

2 Replies to “Treasures from long ago…”

  1. Enjoy your treasures, they once were lost, but now have been found. Let them warm your heart and soul as they did years ago. You ARE loved!
    Auntie Jan

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