And so the madness begins

A few weeks ago I decided to go all in and try a new product to increase my energy, motivation, and muscle mass.

I usually dont go for products, and try to do it the old fashion way. BUT. Its been too long. Ive been tired, and fatigued daily. SO. I did the jump and decided to try this new product Isagenix.

Now I know your probably thinking its another one of those diet weight loss products that dont give any results, and like throwing money down the drain. BUT let me tell you.

Its day 1. I started my morning off with an Isalean Pro shake with peanut butter, and yogurt and some morning supplements. Now let me tell you that I have the toughest time taking pills so I struggled sucking down the morning supplements but I did it. I didnt need a cup of coffee till about 9:30 am which is unusual for me considering if I dont have my first cup at 7:30 the pounding starts and does not stop. I stayed about full until 2 pm which is another amazing thing. Usually I need to eat about every 3-4 hours since my metabolism is crazy fast. Afternoon snack was a 6 inch subway sandwich. Thank goodness I was off work at 3:45, and hit the gym at 4:45 pm.

Before my workout I popped one of the Energy e+ shots and immediately had a burst of energy! My workout consisted of 25 minutes on the treadmill, and lunges, and lunge kicks with 25 pound weights, and dumbbell curls with 25 lb weights.

And THEN as I got home another burst of energy came out which is crazy! I usually never have this much energy after work. I would have to think that maybe this Isagenix is starting to work its magic. A replishment shake, and Ionix supreme powder were replacement drinks after the workout.

Dinner consisted of baked salmon, corn, and lentils with rice. Overall I would say day 1 has gone fairly smooth besides the hiccups in the morning. I definately feel that my energy levels after work were much higher than any other day.

I am trying out this product to increase my energy levels, motivation, and to try build a little mass. I am not overweight but I am ready to make some life changes.

Here are my before photos I am hoping in the 30 days I will lose the love handles, and build muscle mass 🙂

If any of this interests you, you can check out my website and browse!

Life changes are in the works!

Life changes are in the works!
132 lbs

IMG_2028 IMG_2030

I also forgot to mention I finished the fish skin purse, well almost! I still need to add the beads to it. But heres a preview!

I love how you can see fabric thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see fabric thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see the paisley thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see the paisley thru the fish skin.


The other side of the bag
The other side of the bag
The beginning product
The beginning product

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