Whaaaat. Whoooo? Me? Busy? Naw. Just crazy.

Lets just say its been a busy few months of harvesting berries and greens, sewing like a maniac, and taking time to breathe. 

But here is what I what I have whipped up so far. Its been a crazy few months but as winter is approaching I will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Deuce bigalow
Me & Joe hanging with Rob Schneider in Las Vegas
berry heaven
Berry grateful
berry grateful
Found a nice looking patch!
womens qaspeq 1
Qaspeq for one my dear friends 🙂
womens qaspeq
A qaspeq for one of my very first friends!
womens qaspeq 2
Love the colors of this qaspeq and trimming
Tote bags
Tote bag heaven
dora qaspeq
Cute little dora qaspeq
my first diaper bag
My very first diaper bag
Make up bags
Make up bag madness
make up bags 1
Make up bag madness take 2
kids qaspeqs 3
Little kids qaspeqs
Kids qaspeq
Toddler qaspeq
fireweed with cinnamon &  all spiace
Fireweed jelly with cinnamon & all spice
fireweed jalapeno jelly
Fireweed jelly jalapeno
Firewee jalapeno
The finished product of fireweed jelly

Nothing like feeling rich with good food, friends, and family. 

My heart is happy. 

Lets just say…

Lets just say its been a busy couple of months for me…

Cute table runner I donated to Bethel Friends of Canine
Fat quarter bag
Fat quarter bag
Fat quarter bag
Fat quarter bag
Scrap bag
Rabbit lined mittens
The school of fish
Another table runner I donated to a family friend

IMG_1774 IMG_1756 IMG_1758 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1622

I am also now a proud owner of a sea otter pelt!
I am also now a proud owner of a sea otter pelt!



I have somewhat become addicted to sewing…. Its been a busy few months for me on the sewing machine, in the office, and at home dealing with home life.

My mother never fails to pop into my life when I least expect it, and when I welcome it the least. She has the worst timing. She manages to step into my life and stomp me further into the ground. Her drunken voice boils my blood. Her laughter makes me want to strangle her soul. Its amazing what one phone call can do to my well being. It brings me back to a damn spiral of anger and disgust. And in the moments what I wouldnt do to hurt her with all my might. But then I realize shes nothing to me. Shes been dead to me for years and I just need to let it go like a dead fly. Moments like those rotten phone calls remind me that I will never heal until she has left this earth for good.

Until then I just keep on kicking. Keep on breathing. Keep on moving.

And so the madness begins

A few weeks ago I decided to go all in and try a new product to increase my energy, motivation, and muscle mass.

I usually dont go for products, and try to do it the old fashion way. BUT. Its been too long. Ive been tired, and fatigued daily. SO. I did the jump and decided to try this new product Isagenix.

Now I know your probably thinking its another one of those diet weight loss products that dont give any results, and like throwing money down the drain. BUT let me tell you.

Its day 1. I started my morning off with an Isalean Pro shake with peanut butter, and yogurt and some morning supplements. Now let me tell you that I have the toughest time taking pills so I struggled sucking down the morning supplements but I did it. I didnt need a cup of coffee till about 9:30 am which is unusual for me considering if I dont have my first cup at 7:30 the pounding starts and does not stop. I stayed about full until 2 pm which is another amazing thing. Usually I need to eat about every 3-4 hours since my metabolism is crazy fast. Afternoon snack was a 6 inch subway sandwich. Thank goodness I was off work at 3:45, and hit the gym at 4:45 pm.

Before my workout I popped one of the Energy e+ shots and immediately had a burst of energy! My workout consisted of 25 minutes on the treadmill, and lunges, and lunge kicks with 25 pound weights, and dumbbell curls with 25 lb weights.

And THEN as I got home another burst of energy came out which is crazy! I usually never have this much energy after work. I would have to think that maybe this Isagenix is starting to work its magic. A replishment shake, and Ionix supreme powder were replacement drinks after the workout.

Dinner consisted of baked salmon, corn, and lentils with rice. Overall I would say day 1 has gone fairly smooth besides the hiccups in the morning. I definately feel that my energy levels after work were much higher than any other day.

I am trying out this product to increase my energy levels, motivation, and to try build a little mass. I am not overweight but I am ready to make some life changes.

Here are my before photos I am hoping in the 30 days I will lose the love handles, and build muscle mass 🙂

If any of this interests you, you can check out my website and browse!

Life changes are in the works!

Life changes are in the works!
132 lbs

IMG_2028 IMG_2030

I also forgot to mention I finished the fish skin purse, well almost! I still need to add the beads to it. But heres a preview!

I love how you can see fabric thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see fabric thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see the paisley thru the fish skin.
I love how you can see the paisley thru the fish skin.


The other side of the bag
The other side of the bag
The beginning product
The beginning product

Life Changes

Healthy life changes are right around the corner!

I am starting a new chapter in my life and I am on a path to a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and to get in shape!

Tired of feeling exhausted? No energy? No motivation?

If any of this sounds like you then you might benefit from this product.

If you are interested please contact me. I have many friends who have started the product and have not turned around! Weight loss, more energy, healthier skin, and much more! I will start blogging regularly on my progess with the product!

Check out my website if any of this interests you!



Isagenix for Life
Isagenix for Life


Day 5 and the last

Well due to this juice fasting draining my pockets I am going to have to switch back to food, and possibly juice once or twice. In the past 8 days Joe & I have spent $750 if not more on veggies and fruits. So, to keep our bank accounts happy Joe is going to juice more than twice a day, and I will cut down. Im not ready to quit juicing, but I dont want to spend a $1000 in 10 days just on food. Thats a $100 a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And come on lets not admit that many of us are willing spend $100 a day to feed ourselves.

But to finish out the day I juiced last night and made breakfast slurps to take to work today. We ran out of stock and had to go shop at the Farmers Market. Heres our cute little awesome family run farmers market.

Love this little place!
Love this little place!

I got some delicious veggies & fruits today from the market, and was thrilled with the selection. We finally got some kale, Yay! It was todays bill that put us over the edge, I ended up purchasing $150 on our meals.

Nothing like fresh produce to put a smile on my face.
Nothing like fresh produce to put a smile on my face.

On a happier not it was my neices 2nd birthday today! She is my little stinker, and has my heart and all my attention. I had time at work today to do some crafting, and since she loves Dora the Explorer like most toddlers I made her this cute little bag. I cant wait to see her expresion when she sees the bag. I also plan on making her an apron, and a qaspeq.

Her very first customized reversible purse

A girl is never too young to start collecting purses. 🙂

Now that I am resting, and my feet are kicked up its time to introduce a meal to this lean, mean, eating machine. I am down 11 pounds, feeling great. Thinking clearly. And energized I am ready to start eating right and healthy. That freezer full of salmon, moose, and caribou are calling my name. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!