Day 6

Its day 6 and I have never been more excited! Our juicer has finally arrived! I have never been so excited to eat my breakfast, lunch & dinner! We have gone from one extreme to another. Yesterday we were at -60 degrees to 11 degrees and storming today!!! For the past 2 days of not juicing we have done our best to eat healthy from a hearty salad to eggplant parmesan. And dabbling in coffee 😀 We are back on the juice train tonight! Yippee!

Christmas has arrived early in our household!

On tonights dinner menu kale, cucumber, apples, pears, orange, carrots, celery, red peppers, orange peppers, and cabbage. Feels so good to be juicing again! I am down 3 juices and 2 nalgene bottles of water and feel great!

Works like a charm!
Works like a charm!

I have to add that this machine works so smooth makes me excited to juice everyday! She doesnt shake! She doesnt attempt to spin in circles like a maniac! Shes perfect! I would definately recommend this product to friends & family! Day 6 back on the juice train, really day 1! Ready for another 10 days of juiceness!

On a happier note 15 credits is beginning to start kicking me in the behind, BUT I have discovered a new love for the TV show Mad Men! If you havent watched it, I would highly suggest it!

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