Day 2 all over again

Well its day 2 of the juice restart and feeling great! I am still 10 pounds down which is awesome! Breakfast was a a delicious apple, pears, banana, strawberries, grapefruit, and kiwi slurp! For dinner it will be a mix of dark leafy greens, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, and a few more tasty veggies! Went to Meyers Farm and only splurged with $68 of veggies which was good! There is no kale in town so cabbage and spinach will have to replace it. Its taken all my might to snack on chips & salsa, or nachos, or whatever but I have to remember its all mental. Ready to conquer another 8 more days of this! πŸ˜€

Tasty breffast
Tasty breakfast!

Day 6

Its day 6 and I have never been more excited! Our juicer has finally arrived! I have never been so excited to eat my breakfast, lunch & dinner! We have gone from one extreme to another. Yesterday we were at -60 degrees to 11 degrees and storming today!!! For the past 2 days of not juicing we have done our best to eat healthy from a hearty salad to eggplant parmesan. And dabbling in coffee πŸ˜€ We are back on the juice train tonight! Yippee!

Christmas has arrived early in our household!

On tonights dinner menu kale, cucumber, apples, pears, orange, carrots, celery, red peppers, orange peppers, and cabbage. Feels so good to be juicing again! I am down 3 juices and 2 nalgene bottles of water and feel great!

Works like a charm!
Works like a charm!

I have to add that this machine works so smooth makes me excited to juice everyday! She doesnt shake! She doesnt attempt to spin in circles like a maniac! Shes perfect! I would definately recommend this product to friends & family! Day 6 back on the juice train, really day 1! Ready for another 10 days of juiceness!

On a happier note 15 credits is beginning to start kicking me in the behind, BUT I have discovered a new love for the TV show Mad Men! If you havent watched it, I would highly suggest it!

Day 2

Its the morning of day 2 and we are already seeing some amazing numbers. I lost 5 pounds, and Joe lost 11 pounds. Due to lack of energy levels we treated ourselves to a little sleeping in today which felt amazing. I am hoping that today will be a better day with the cravings. Our breakfast today consists of apples, oranges, pears, kale, and bananas. Joe is juicing it up right now as I type.

Day 2
Day 2

Day 2 was a success! It was a little tough, energy levels low but its great that we both have the day off. Due to waking up at 12:45 pm we made enough of the morning smoothie to hold us over till dinner. Its not so hard in the morning because the juices are delicious but when it comes to lunch and dinner its a little tough. We had to make a store run because we were running out of fruits and only spent about $100 at the grocery store. We came home with celery, kiwis, apples, pears, orange peppers, ginger, and bananas. So far $375 down the chute but the healthy changes are slowly paying off.

Dinner was not as tasty we added a little too much ginger and it overpowers the juice. Dinner consisted of cucumbers, carrots, kale, way too much ginger, beets, tomatoes, lemon, celery, and an apple. I dont think that ginger will be included in any of the juices from here on out.


Basketball season is in full swing at the Warrior Dome and our girls & boys have been dominating on the court. Joe & I have been dominating all those tasty smells nachos, chili cheese dogs, popcorn, skittles, and much more! Β I would have to say that overall day 2 was a success!

Day 1: A Success!

Day 1 was a success! Yay! It was a little difficult. I would glance at my coffee cup and crave coffee. Any delicious smell turned my head. But we made it through the day Joe & I!

Breakfast: Apple, & Pear Juice

Lunch: Green Juice

Green juice with a dash of pear
Green juice with a dash of pear

Afternoon snack: Carrots, cucumber, kale, & apple

Dinner: Cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, collard, beets, & apples

All topped with 64 oz of dinner.

Here is our delicious dinner!

Day 1 Dinner
Day 1 Dinner

Its amazing how much you missed food when your not eating it! Enjoy your dinner for me πŸ˜€