Day 2

Its the morning of day 2 and we are already seeing some amazing numbers. I lost 5 pounds, and Joe lost 11 pounds. Due to lack of energy levels we treated ourselves to a little sleeping in today which felt amazing. I am hoping that today will be a better day with the cravings. Our breakfast today consists of apples, oranges, pears, kale, and bananas. Joe is juicing it up right now as I type.

Day 2
Day 2

Day 2 was a success! It was a little tough, energy levels low but its great that we both have the day off. Due to waking up at 12:45 pm we made enough of the morning smoothie to hold us over till dinner. Its not so hard in the morning because the juices are delicious but when it comes to lunch and dinner its a little tough. We had to make a store run because we were running out of fruits and only spent about $100 at the grocery store. We came home with celery, kiwis, apples, pears, orange peppers, ginger, and bananas. So far $375 down the chute but the healthy changes are slowly paying off.

Dinner was not as tasty we added a little too much ginger and it overpowers the juice. Dinner consisted of cucumbers, carrots, kale, way too much ginger, beets, tomatoes, lemon, celery, and an apple. I dont think that ginger will be included in any of the juices from here on out.


Basketball season is in full swing at the Warrior Dome and our girls & boys have been dominating on the court. Joe & I have been dominating all those tasty smells nachos, chili cheese dogs, popcorn, skittles, and much more!  I would have to say that overall day 2 was a success!

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