Day 1

I have always thought that blogging was a little silly but I am doing this for me so I can keep track and have my recipes written somewhere.

This is my crock pot, oven, stove, microwave for the next 10 days.
This is my crock pot, oven, stove, microwave for the next 10 days.

I thought the best way to track my progress of juicing, and Im not talking about steroids. I recently watched the crazy film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and the movie definately had a huge impact on me. I am ready to make some positive, and healthy changes this year and what better way then to start with juicing. I eased my way into slowly by juicing the past 2 days and boy I am glad that I did. I signed up to run the Portland Marathon in October which gives me something to look forward to. My hopes are that with this 10 day juice fast I will reboot my body and can begin my training. I want to make those small changes like drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercising at least 5 times a week, or sitting up straight. All those small changes can make me a happier person down the road. To start with juicing is the best way to whip myself back into my high school, energized, young, fun, spirited person.

$175 worth of goodiness
$175 worth of goodiness

So here goes it. Joe Cross the man behind the juice craze suggests that fruits are best in the morning so I started my morning off with an apple, pear breakfast slurp. It was delicious and just like coffee cleans out my system very well :D. Then for the rest of the day it will only consist of vegetables with an apple, or another type of fruit. I decided for lunch to have the mean green juice. My loyal friend has been kind enough to lend out her juicer which by the way at times can be possessed by the pulp, and shake uncontrollably although it does the job. Although I know she is secretly thrilled she finally has someone to share her recipes with. Hey, what can I say I am in it for the long haul and want to start my year out healthy. The only difficult part about juicing here is the cost of vegetables and fruit. We are lucky to have a locally grown farm in town, and a hard working man Tim Meyers who works hard to ensure we get our organic fruit & vegetables. Joe & I scored big time with some delicious, organic fruit on Wednesday, I was afraid we were going to buy out what Tim had in store. Although he is a great family friend and hooked us up.

Mean Green ingredients, minus the ginger.

So far, so good the juices have been tasty. My energy levels are a little low, but I am only day 1.  I am building my way into including more vegetables into our juicing but its hard since I am not a lover of veggies. I am also a coffee lover, and enjoy 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and surprisingly I have not been experiencing any headaches. Yay! This juice fast is going to change my life and Joe’s life for the better. And hey, I wouldnt be too upset if I lost a few pounds, had skin of a baby, and felt amazing.

My Lunch
My Lunch

I am 5′ 5″ and exactly 140 lbs. I have to say this is the heaviest I have been in my life, and I hope that this is the last time I will see that number on the scale. I hope, or shall I say that I know with this juicing it will transform me into the person that I want to be and that is healthy, fit, and 100% comfortable. So heres to 10 more long, hard, but worthwhile days. Wish me luck!

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