Whaaaat. Whoooo? Me? Busy? Naw. Just crazy.

Lets just say its been a busy few months of harvesting berries and greens, sewing like a maniac, and taking time to breathe. 

But here is what I what I have whipped up so far. Its been a crazy few months but as winter is approaching I will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Deuce bigalow
Me & Joe hanging with Rob Schneider in Las Vegas
berry heaven
Berry grateful
berry grateful
Found a nice looking patch!
womens qaspeq 1
Qaspeq for one my dear friends 🙂
womens qaspeq
A qaspeq for one of my very first friends!
womens qaspeq 2
Love the colors of this qaspeq and trimming
Tote bags
Tote bag heaven
dora qaspeq
Cute little dora qaspeq
my first diaper bag
My very first diaper bag
Make up bags
Make up bag madness
make up bags 1
Make up bag madness take 2
kids qaspeqs 3
Little kids qaspeqs
Kids qaspeq
Toddler qaspeq
fireweed with cinnamon &  all spiace
Fireweed jelly with cinnamon & all spice
fireweed jalapeno jelly
Fireweed jelly jalapeno
Firewee jalapeno
The finished product of fireweed jelly

Nothing like feeling rich with good food, friends, and family. 

My heart is happy. 

Break day

How I feel.
How I feel.

Im 4 days in. Day one was great energized and motivated. Day 4 not soo much. The last few days havent been any different from normal. No bursts of energy, no motivation. Honestly I felt better when I just was just juicing.

Today is rest day I have been going HAM at the gym and non-stop! The first 3 days Ive been in the gym running, and lifting. My muscles hate me but I am definately starting to see a change.

The shakes. The morning supplements. The Isalean bars. All that jazz I have been following religiously but no major changes. I am hoping that will change and I will start feeling that amazing energy and motivation that all the Isagenix fanatics talk about 🙂

Feeling helpful!