Sewing Tuesdays

These beautiful qaspeqs are ready for new homes 🙂

They are all smalls, and the last picture is a tunic style qaspeq.

All qaspeqs are $115+flat rate shipping $6.45

Please contact me thru email if interested in purchasing any of these qaspeqs

Quyana for looking!

On another note I spent a wonderful two days filled with my stinkiest, rottenest, most cutest little nieces! Family is my priority and especially my little stinky nieces and my nephews even though they are little men.

I brought my two auntie/nieces to the Eklutna Pow Wow on Saturday and spent some time there checking out the vendors, munched down on a hot dog and watched some dancing. I call them my auntie/nieces because they are named after my favorite auntie Tun who was like a mother to me and took me under her wing as her own. She was the only mom I really knew growing up and I miss her everyday. So being around my auntie/nieces my heart was happy!

Afterwards I decided to take them on a drive to the Eklutna Lake. And boy! isn’t that a long drive! I don’t think I have ever been back there before, or its been a long time.

But we got to blow bubbles, well the wind did it was blowing smitherins. We had some fun with jumping photos and of course had to stop and get some tasty ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream on a windy, chilly day 🙂

And then Sunday I picked up other nieces and my auntie and we went to jump it out at bouncing bears. We jumped until there was no jumping left! And then it was a rush to get the girls back out to Wasilla, and get back in time for the Modest Mouse concert.

Which by the way was horrible. I don’t know if I am getting old or what but I don’t appreciate beer being spilled on me, drunk people pushing their way through the crowds, and rude, obnoxious people who only care about themselves. I have never been shoved by so many grown adults in my life. Who gets so drunk on a Sunday night that they lose their manners? Needless to say I will not be attending another Modest Mouse concert, and I am not sure I will want to attend another Mooses Tooth concert. Did I mention the concert started late? For $60 it was definitely not worth it.

After the concert it was a white knuckle drive home because my front wheel axle cv joint on my passenger side is going out! So I was definitely holding my breath every time I had to turn right. But thankfully Mac and I made it home in one piece!

Here are some fun snapshots of my crazy weekend!


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