Be grateful.

Allow yourself to experience joy. Believe it or not, I know way too many people who don’t allow themselves to have fun. And they don’t even know how to be happy. Some people are actually addicted to their problems and the chaos in them so much that they wouldn’t even know who they are without them. So try to allow yourself to be happy! Even if it’s just for a small moment, it’s important to focus on joy, not your hardships.



2 Replies to “Be grateful.”

  1. Thank You for this post, what a wonderful reminder to look at the many blessings in my life and to rejoice and be grateful for them. The worries I have will be taken care of in HIS time. I know you posted this for me and I thank you. I am sure you try to live with a grateful attitude daily, and it is apparent in all you do and the love you share with us all. Love you so much.

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