I just have to say I am horrible at this.

So… Last week I spent a wonderfully long week in southern cali and it was amazing! The first night we arrived in LA we stopped into the laugh factory and was able to see Whitney Cummings, Chris D’elia, Dane Cook just to name  a few. It was flipping awesome. If you havent seen any of them I def think you need to check out their shiat. I snapped a photo with a super duper excited Chris D’elia ha.

super excited comedian. not.
super excited comedian. not.

If your in LA and havent been to the laugh factory I highly recommend you stop in there and catch some laughs. I havent laughed that hard in a LONG time and my face hurt from smiling! LA was good, and SoCal is always good to stop in for a visit. I went back to my old stomping grounds and visited with old friends & family. And got to see my old high school basketball coach, which was a trip!

This whole Boston Marathon bomb is deathly terrifying for me espesh since I am signed up for the Portland 1/2 in October. I am a little skeptical but I cannot let fear take ahold of my life. So I am pushing on and starting my training regimen. I finally found some shoes that might be promising and I can run, run, run!

I am on a mission to lose 10 pounds of fat, and gain 15 pounds of muscle. So here goes nothing with juicing, healthy meals, working out, and resting. I am motivated to get back into my fit old self. Half marathon training is beginning and will be in full swing as well as juicing. I have found that following fitness, healthy gurus on instagram are motivating me to want to do more and be a healthier, better me.

I will get back into the groove of using my blog to keep track of my workout regimen. Yesterday I got back on the treadmill and ran 2 miles, and the day before that I walked an hour on the tundra in a chilly -10 🙂

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