Whaaaat. Whoooo? Me? Busy? Naw. Just crazy.

Lets just say its been a busy few months of harvesting berries and greens, sewing like a maniac, and taking time to breathe. 

But here is what I what I have whipped up so far. Its been a crazy few months but as winter is approaching I will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Deuce bigalow
Me & Joe hanging with Rob Schneider in Las Vegas
berry heaven
Berry grateful
berry grateful
Found a nice looking patch!
womens qaspeq 1
Qaspeq for one my dear friends 🙂
womens qaspeq
A qaspeq for one of my very first friends!
womens qaspeq 2
Love the colors of this qaspeq and trimming
Tote bags
Tote bag heaven
dora qaspeq
Cute little dora qaspeq
my first diaper bag
My very first diaper bag
Make up bags
Make up bag madness
make up bags 1
Make up bag madness take 2
kids qaspeqs 3
Little kids qaspeqs
Kids qaspeq
Toddler qaspeq
fireweed with cinnamon &  all spiace
Fireweed jelly with cinnamon & all spice
fireweed jalapeno jelly
Fireweed jelly jalapeno
Firewee jalapeno
The finished product of fireweed jelly

Nothing like feeling rich with good food, friends, and family. 

My heart is happy. 

Too long

Its been too long since I blogged! I have been busy sewing like a maniac, traveling across the state, playing too much basketball, and neglecting my homework, work, and blogging!

Here is the latest and greatest since I have been busy sewing! I brought these lovelies with me to Nome and sold about 25 of them and brought the leftovers to Anchorage for state basketball.

Sew Madness
Sew Madness

Besides sewing like a mad woman, I got to enjoy some fun basketball and happened to jump on a winning team! Finally got a watch since 2009! I neglected to document my trip to Nome during the Iditarod and March Madness but here is a snap shot flying over! This is the reason why I love Alaska!


I was able to swing into JoAnn Fabrics and grab more fabric for my new fish projects! Cant wait to start sewing!

Loving these new colors!
Loving these new colors!

I also made a new summer/fall jacket! 8 hours total with cutting, sewing, and all! BUT on the downside I sewed too fast and sewed over the plastic zipper and it broke 😦 After all my hard work! I was pretty sad! But I also used a bigger pattern so the shoulders were too big and I ended up taking it to Moons Alterations and she worked her magic! The corduroy is super heavy duty, I think for my next coat I will use an old jacket for a pattern and create one! Its fun discovering new talents!

My latest and greatest creation!
My latest and greatest creation!