Healthy start to Movember

November is off to a great start!

Halloween was a hit! We had a great halloween gathering with our friends and it was ahhhhmazing!

We had costume winners! We had scary treats! Bobbing for beer! Nothing better than to start November off to a BANG!

Had to whip out this quick qaspeq vest for a welcome to Bethel gift. But it didnt fit so its up for grabs its about a size small for $65.

Quick homemade gift. Qaspeq vest & fireweed jalapeno jelly!

Im trying this whole meal planning and hopefull it will kick me off to a great start. SO far so good, although it might be TOO much food. who would have thunk that.


I roasted all the vegetables at 425 degrees with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper.

Asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower.

I cooked up some brown rice in the rice cooker and put a cup in each dish.

For the chicken I cooked them on stovetop and seasoned with cumin, paprika, garlic salt, and pepper. They are delicious!

And of course hard boiled eggs for a snack here and there, great protein!

Im trying this healthy meal planning out and so far so good.

These breakfast burritos are very hearty and filling! Probably should have kept them light.

Breakfast burritos:







Let them freeze and then wrap then in foil. When you are ready to heat up wrap in a wet paper towel for about 2 minutes.

Hearty morning breakfast burritos.

Of course I had to add some humor to my scary meatloaf fellows. 🙂

Who doesnt love scary meatloaf?

I was googling couples costumes and found this great idea to be crown and coke! These took me about an hour and they turned out awesome! I cant wait to start brewing up ideas for next year!

My quick impromptu halloween whipped out costumes for the hubby and me. 🙂

Here are the few decorations we decided to put up last minute. We scared many kids and adults and had children crying even before getting to the door. We were also blasting scary music in the entryway which freaked me out a little.

The few decorations that scared the crap of out some kids.
Nothing scarier than xtra tuffs stuffed under a old boiler 😉

Happy Halloween!

My first attempt at a qaspeq vest! I think it turned out pretty darn sweet! Will definitely be making more of these!
boys waspeq
Another boys qaspeq! I loved how this one turned out with the trimming and ric rac!

Happy Halloween!

Here are more to top off the end of the month! BUT I will be rushing home at lunch to whip out my husbands costumes we are going to be Coke and Rum! And they will be homemade costumes so I will be posting photos tomorrow after I have them made! I decorated the outside of the house last night and just need to add more spooky things and spooky tunes!

Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween! Be safe! & Eat lots of candy!

October, its not over yet…

Halloween qaspeq
I whipped out this cute little qaspeq during my lunch hour. This one is going to a special little stinker.
Halloween boys qaspeq
This one is a boys size 7-8 qaspeq for a friends little boy.

Just a few more days to whip out more products for the month of October!


So nuts! A month filled of crafting, political antics, classes, traveling to the villages, and school, oh and I forgot to mention HOME life which all together can be stressful.

This evening is dedicated to halloween bag, qaspeqs, and class. OH and decorating my small porch for Halloween so the kids can have a little scare before they get their jumbo size candy bars!

Will post photos later!

For the meantime ENJOY!

October as a busy bee

Another busy bee.

Who says 13 credits, full time job, part time job, teenager, husband, pupper-do and sewing wasnt possible?

I guess you can say I like to stay busy as a bee, and do a very good job of that.

We are half-way thru October, which is insane! Where has summer gone? Where has fall gone?

As winter nears I get excited but sad because of how quickly time passes us, and sometimes I dont stop to enjoy the moments.

I enjoy what I do.

I enjoy my full time job.

My part time job working with the political frenzy is coming to an end. Only 12 more days and then the big boom of rush to the polls. So vote early, and just flat right vote.

And I love sewing. I love when winter nears because that means it times to bust out the fur and get fuzzy.

If I could just sew and go to school I dont know if that would be busy enough for me hence the two other jobs and all the other hats at home.

BUT enough rambling.

Heres the latest and greatest and I should have more projects to share before the end of the year!


another boys qaspeq
Boys size 10 simple qaspeq
bags in the making
More bags in the making! I love these colors and how well they mesh.
boys qaspeq
Another one of my favorite boys size 10 qaspeq.
cup cozies
I SAVE all my scraps and they come in handy when I whipped out these cup cozies.
halloween bags
More kids Halloween trick or treat bags because they were a hit the first time, I had to whip them out a second time.
grass basket collecting
Lets hope that these make some amazing grass baskets. I dont know how to make them yet but I am willing to learn and this is the first step collecting and drying it. I will post a proper photo of how to dry them because there is a specific way.
moose tops
My latest and greatest project moose beaded slipper tops. Beading isnt one of my strong areas but I am hoping to get better as I continue to bead.
Halloween Trick or Treat Bags
More Halloween trick or treat bags different style

Do what makes you happy. 

Do it often and with joy because life is all about being happy and finding joy in the little things such as sewing or beading.

October= Sew busy

bridal set of make up bags
These were made with love for a bride and her bridesmaids
homemade is best
Homemade jam, bread, and owl qaspeq for a cute little stinker
yet again more trick or treat
Halloween is around the corner, check out these cute halloween bags!
trick or treat bags
Three reversible table runners Christmas and Halloween, with two small kids trick or treat bags
more trick or treat
Larger trick or treat bags
matching hat and glove set
I made a matching hat to go with my mittens.
living in the moment
Live in the moment.

October is half way thru and I feel like a sewing machine! I love the holidays and making stuff for the kids so I whipped out a ton of halloween trick or treat bags, and some table runners for those festive mamas.

Storm before the calm

Therapy for my soul. Bethel sunset
Therapy for my soul. Bethel sunset

Nothing like a crazy Friday morning.

We got here Thursday morning and picked the kids up. We got out swimming in. Costumes created. And trick or treated until the boys were exhausted.

Then came evening time. “Your going to school tomorrow.” Cries, wails and tears were storming our tiny hotel room. After a few minutes of tears, tossing, and turning it was all snores and sheeps jumping over the fence.

Little did I know that it was going to be a stormy morning. A had school early before the boys and she was out the door with slight tears, and and all was well after fruit loops. A out the door with no problems. While my hubby was out with A at school I got up ate my breakfast and had my coffee before shit hit the fan.

7:30 am and a bomb went off in the tiny quarters. N got up with a slight fight but was immediately ready to get to breakfast. E had a complete meltdown mind you this was before the storm hit me like a wet towel across the face. I got E out of bed, dragged him out the door. Instead of following he silently protested in front of the door. So like the good step-mother that I am I carried him like a 2 year down to breakfast only for him to silently protest at the table. Fine. Dont eat breakfast. N ate his breakfast silently as he began to plot his big escape.

We see the kids 3-6 months because it costs us an arm and a leg. So when we do see them we try and get the most out of our visit. Their thinking since we dont see dad lets convince we dont have to go to school on Friday, even after we missed M-Thursday because they were in Disneyland. Plan failed, miserably. Friday was a mess. Not because they ate too much Halloween candy the night before. Because they had to go to school after being on vacation for the entire week. Big mistake.

Back to breakfast. E sits there whining, crying. N finishes his bowl, instead of throwing it away walks to another table and silently protests. In my attempt to get him to listen,” I dont want to have to spank you in front of all these people. Put your bowl away… Okay… We can wait here till you put it away…” After about a good 5 minutes N walks up, grabs his bowl and throws it away and immediately storms off in the direction of the room. In those good 5 minutes I had chompy mc-chomperson sitting next to me as she ate her food so the whole room could hear… Thats a big no no, one of my pet peeves eating your food like a cow. So that only added to my frustration. I get up and follow N, and E takes his sweet to follow me. Fine. Dont eat. Dont follow your loss.

Get to the room. N has his forehead pressed to the door. “N want me to open the door?” No response. “Okay we can wait here all morning or until dad gets back.” No response. At this point E is 5 doors down the hallway slithering down, taking his time. Silently protesting still. Okay N dont want to move so I decide to fart right in front of the door. N farts. E farts. All three of us are laughing at this point but then immediately they are back to their sour moods. Fine. Im not opening the door I dont want to smell my yucky fart. I give E the key to open the door. E puts his shirt over his nose and walks in, N follows and then me. N gets in the room, plops on his fold-away bed and immediately begins to kick, scream into the pillow and begins to cry. E following his older brother lays on the bed next to him and tries to formulate tears. And I am sitting here laughing at the huge theatrical performance my 2 step-sons are putting on for me.

Okay. Dont get dressed wait for dad. N still kicking and screaming. E still hiding behind the pillow still attempting to formulate tears. And here I am enjoying my hotel coffee which is not the best quality but better than nothing.

Dad walks in. I give him the scoop. He raises his voice and scares them with spanks and boys are moving and getting dressed. “Boys want a lunchable to bring to school?” N answers angerily, “No,” and then follows E with the same response. Fine. I understand you dont want lunchables because I paid for them and got them for you the night before at your request.

“Im not going to school,” N protests. E follows without words but body language. In the meantime dad is using the boys room and N throws on his hat and attempts to escape out the front door. Afraid he is going to get stuck outside in the cold at 8 am I grab him and bring in the middle of the room. Upset he goes and sits besides the bed on the floor and continues to silently protest. E follows. Mind you E doesnt usually act like this but because his brother is why not follow.

Dad still in the bathroom. N begins to plan his escape, again… Ugh. Fine. I can play this game too. Fakes right, fakes left, jumps on the bed. I let him get ahead and then grab him. At this point I am holding his arm and his leg against the bed requesting that he please stop he is only making a fool of himself. He complies and returns to his nesting spot.

Dad gets out of the bathroom asks me if I am taking them. “No I am not taking them after the fun morning. We can go together.”

“N & E want a lunchable?” No response, only angered disgusted looks. “Fine.”

Finally 8:30 we are out the door. That was a fun 30 minutes for me. Drive to school. N claims he is going to his mothers after school. E will follow.

Only. School gets done and the boys are find and dandy… I wait at the hotel room because A, dad and I wanted to trick the boys into thinking I got rid of all their halloween candy because the way they were acting in the morning. I set up the video camera and all.

The boys enter. Halloween candy bags that I made for them are laying empty on the bed. The boys come in. Dad asks them what they are supposed to say. They both apologize for the fun morning the three of us all shared. Then the trick begins.

I reply, “Oh sheeh. Now I feel bad I got rid of all your halloween candy because I didnt feel like you deserved them.”

Silence. N goes to the bathroom. E just sits on the floor. No reply. No answer. Go get your bags and fold them up and set them aside. I ask, “E are you mad at me?” “No, its okay.” Although I can tell hes upset with me. And N gets out and it looks like he is about to wrestle somebody into submission. No response.

We let this go on for about 10 minutes because the attitudes were again sour. My husband looks at me and mouths he cant handle it. I cant handle it either because they are too sour to the bone. So we tell them and E immediately smiles, and N still looks like he wants to choke me. This goes on for about 5 minutes and then finally a smile is cracked.

The school ride was silence. N says he wants to go see his mom. His mom is nicer and he can convince her that he doesnt have to go to school. E is pissy face the whole time through all this. The boys get to school I say my good byes. All I get back is sour faces and scowls. I know this isnt the last time that I am going to see them.

Schools out. They get to the hotel room. Both have these shy smiles on their face, I can see in their eyes they feel bad. They both apologize. And the day goes on as if nothing happened. Kids for you. I tell you they drive you crazy but you cant live without them.

Nobody said parenthood was easy and nobody said being a step-parent was easy either. As much as I wanted to spank the boys Friday morning, or actually throw their candy away I held back because I dont want them to remember me that way. I am hard on them in my own ways but I love them as if they are my own.

Friday was done and over with. We ended the evening with Enders Game. My husband and I dont believe in spending thousand of dollars on snacks and soda. So we bring in the kids bags of halloween candy, and bottles of water. Nothing like spending $35 on a movie for 3 kid and 2 adults. Cha-ching! Ultimate save!

Whew. Boy, am I glad Friday is over and done with. That was definately one for the bag to always remember.

Love these damn kids. Oh Happy Days.

Halloween trick or treat creations

I had a blast making these halloween trick or treat bags for my step-children, nieces, and adopted nieces. I followed this simple two sided bag tutorial from Skip to My Lou’s website and just ran with it. I had left over Dora fabric and lined T and M’s bags, and used them for the base for e and g’s bags. The girls all loved their bags and I had so much making them. A little fabric goes a looong way.

Halloween trick or treat bag side A
Halloween trick or treat bag side A
Halloween trick or treat bag
Halloween trick or treat bag
Side b for Halloween trick or treat bag E
Side b for Halloween trick or treat bag E
E Halloween trick or treat bag
E Halloween trick or treat bag
Halloween trick or treat bag
Halloween trick or treat bag
N Halloween trick or treat bag
N Halloween trick or treat bag
e Halloween trick or treat bag
e Halloween trick or treat bag
e Halloween trick or treat bag
e Halloween trick or treat bag
g Halloween trick or treat bag
g Halloween trick or treat bag
g Halloween trick or treat bag
g Halloween trick or treat bag
M Halloween trick or treat bag
M Halloween trick or treat bag


Reversible Dora the explorer bag
Reversible Dora the explorer bag

Finished products of October

October has one busy month for me.

I finished my first half marathon yay! The Portland marathon was quite the experience with 10,000 other runners, and running on pavement (yuck!) I am glad to say that I have one under my belt. I am hooked! My goal was to finish under 2 hours and I was kind of bummed I didnt but I have a goal for my next one. I must also mention I was sick for a good whole month where I trained a total of 10 days maybe. It was awful, my fear was that I wouldnt be able to finish the half but surprisingly I ran my miles faster than my training times. Woohoo!

With that under my belt I am hungry for more 1/2 marathons. I dont have any desire to run 26.2 miles. Why would I put myself through that pain, agony, and exhaustion. I know that I have ability and can do it if I put my mind to it but I think I enjoy shorter runs. I dont plan on ever running a race where its all on pavement, my shins are still mad at me even after stretching and hot steambaths.

A couple of friends of mine also made the trip which was amazing. Not to mention there were 30 other Bethel folks running the half and the full marathon. Here are some photos from the week of awesomeness.

Here is my 5 am amazing support crew. These guys woke up at 5 am to sit and anxiously wait for me to start and finish :)
Here is my 5 am amazing support crew. These guys woke up at 5 am to sit and anxiously wait for me to start and finish 🙂
A little tired, a little sore but still felt amazing to finish strong!
A little tired, a little sore but still felt amazing to finish strong!
He is my rock, my best friend and my husband. He keeps me grounded and is there for me when I need him. I am the luckiest woman in the world.
He is my rock, my best friend and my husband. He keeps me grounded and is there for me when I need him. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

On top of spending a week in Portland with amazing friends I returned home to busy, busy, busy! I have been busy sewing like a mad woman! Busy making Halloween trick or treat bags for my stinkiest neices and lap quilts to sell. Check out my latest projects!

quilt #2 quilt #3 quilt#1

I love making homemade gifts for neices and here their new Halloween trick-or-treat bags
I love making homemade gifts for neices and here their new Halloween trick-or-treat bags

With each project I grow hungry to create more fun things. With scrap quilts you can be as creative and colorful as you want. I really enjoyed making these and glad my hoarding paid off in the end.

With the upcoming cold, dark, winter months I am trying to discover ways to cut costs. As you know living in Bethel in the winter can be costly with heating fuel and any possible way I can cut corners I take those opportunities. I discovered with my employee badge I am able to cut back on my heating fuel from $6 something to $5.63 which if you add it up in the end I am saving quite a bit. Also I was able to jimmy my way out of paying $480 extra a year on my step-sons cell phone bill by removing a data plan that they say is “policy” when we are unable to even utilize that service. Also with my employee badge I can cut my gas from 20 cents a gallon. Every penny counts especially in Bethel.

I am discovering myself as a homemaker and testing my limits, and reaching out of my comfort zones to be more creative on the sewing machine. I scored some awesome fabric from IKEA for a coat that I hope to finish next weekend at a class.

As an individual I am discovering my limits, when to ask for help, and when to say no. I am trying to better myself as a person for me, my family and my friends. I am understanding that friends come and go. Friendships change. And there is nothing that I can do about it. Learning to let go of my mother and let her be. Through writing I find that I am able to express my feelings, use it as an outlet when it comes to my mother and share my creations. This is my kind of therapy that I need to keep up with.

I must return to sewing, sewing, and more sewing. Sew S.