Keeping healthy

Since I havent been juicing because Joe is still on the juice fast I have been trying to eat healthy. Salads, caribou, moose, and beans & rice. Tonight was the first night that I started juicing! 🙂

Caribou spaghetti with sauteed peppers & mushrooms
Caribou spaghetti with sauteed peppers & mushrooms

Carrots & apple and it is delicious.

Carrot/Apple Juice
Yummy carrot & apple juice


I started my work out plan again and started with rowing. We have a rowing machine at home and 15-20 minutes out of my night along with pull-ups is a great way for me to start the work out plan. Since I have been getting home at 7 every evening, and have to cook dinner I will start my running tomorrow. I like running earlier in my day to get going, and moving.

I was late getting to the Farmers Market which opens at 3 pm and I got there at 3:05 and all the kale was gone! Along with other veggies! I was pretty sad but I guess I just have to get there earlier. But I did pick up some delicious apples, carrots, and lemons. Still amazes me how much I spend every Wednesday & Saturdays but I have to remember its healthy!

I found out some bad news this afternoon, one my friends/classmates died in a car crash. I am still in shock, she was only 27 years old with a beautiful family. Please cherish every moment with your family, and friends. Life is to precious to waste.

It is not others we need to impress, it is ourselves.Tammy Jo McIntyre
It is not others we need to impress, it is ourselves.
Tammy Jo McIntyre