Life in slow motion

A glimmer of hope.  A ray of light.
A glimmer of hope.
A ray of light.

Too often we take things in life for granted.

We dont stop to appreciate the simple things.

A ray of sunlight thru the clouds.

The sparkling stars at night.

A smile from a stranger.

We have only one life to live and we must take chances and live on the edge. Because in the end what do we have to show for ourselves?

Our diplomas?

Our certificates?


What do you have to show for? What are you proud of?

I know for myself I am proud that I have the ability to create things for myself, family and friends.

I appreciate homemade items.

I enjoy the simple things in life. Like when AC has a special type of creamer. Or a balmy 32 degree evening walk with my pooch. Enjoying a nice conversation with my step-son.

I am realizing that I need to slow down. Relax. Breathe. Take care of myself so that I can care for others. With my awful need to constantly clean I am able to pull back a tad and not worry about a dirty dish on the counter, or dirty socks under the coffee table. These are small things that shouldnt equal a big reaction.

Take time out each day and dedicate it to yourself. Take deep long breaths. Do what you love even if others dont approve because its your life. And be awesome!

Finding the good in the bad…

Christmas came and went. Presents in and out. Smiles and tears. Mostly tears.

December 23rd I lost another awesome uncle. My uncle Hank was a great man. A twinkle in his eye. A great big smile that never failed to put a smile on your face.

Although I am saddened his presence is missing. I am grateful for the time that I spent with him. I smile looking back on the time spent with Uncle Hank a few months ago. Although I saw him only at funerals, anniversaries, and weddings each moment I treasure.

Thank you Uncle Hank for making me laugh. Thanks for being awesome. Silly. Loving. And caring.

You will be missed greatly.

Me, auntie Diane, Uncle Hank. Rest in peace Uncle
Me, auntie Diane, Uncle Hank. Rest in peace Uncle

This has been a tough year for my families. I have lost another family member which leaves a wide open space of nothing. I look back and I smile for all the happy memories with my cousin, brother, friend Nick. Nick was one of a kind. He was quiet,  caring, and loving. He had a heart of gold. He went above and beyond for family, friends, and strangers. I am going to miss his laughter. One of my favorite memories was when Nick snuck me, Tina, and Alan out of our fishcamp to go fishing at 2 am. We went to one of the abandoned barges, and jammed out to KYUK 640 am and fished till the wee hours of the morning. So carefree and awesome Nick was. I am going to miss you Nick. 

Fishcamp days. Nick, me and my brother. Miss you always Nick.
Fishcamp days. Nick, me and my brother. Miss you always Nick.

Life is too short. Never miss a moment to tell loved ones you love them. Life is unpredicable. Live every moment to its full potential.

Treading on thin ice


not quite yet.

Ice crackles

Closer and closer.

Open water treading the frozen water pulls me down deeper and deeper wait.

She sees me wait. I can see it in her soft brown eyes I am no longer treading on thin ice.

I am engulfed in the river of madness

The river that openly takes souls left and right

Leaving behind warm hearts and loving bodies

But I am one of those many whose souls have been stolen.

Whose souls have been ripped out of life

I am no longer treading on thin ice

I am one of you.

lost among the riverbeds waiting to be found

My soul is lost.

Beautiful Bethel Kuskokwim
Beautiful Bethel Kuskokwim

A weekend filled with sewingness

This past weekend I took a class to finish a couple of projects I had.

My sister in law requested a qaspeq, and an old friend for his daughter. Seeing as how I only have one pattern that is for myself I figured the class would be perfect!

Here is how they turned out! I am happy with the colors and the fun-ness of them both! I was happy to use Jeannes machine and serger! Those flowers and intricite details would not be there if it werent for the amazing janome!

Here is my sister in laws. I just love the bright colors!
Here is my sister in laws. I just love the bright colors!
With the leftover fabric I was able to whip out a cute reversible bag!
I love this one! The fireweed fabric is so gorgeoumous!

Nothing filling a weekend full of sleeping and lounging around with sewing! yay!

Day 3

Our delicious breakfast!

Its the morning of day 3 and I feel great! Woke up feeling great at 9 am which is unusual for me because I love, love, love to sleep! On my week off I usually can sleep till 12, 1, 2 in the afternoon. So this juicing this working for my energy! Its a beautiful cold day! Started the morning off right with a breakfast juice that had apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, kiwis, and oranges. It was delicious! We found out yesterday the best way to add in the strawberries and bananas is to blend them into the juice.

Joe had to work at 6:30 am so I had to make enough for him so he can make it through the day! After breakfast it was time to stock up on my groceries. Unfortunately, there was no kale at the Meyers farm so I grabbed some other veggies. I figured I would try the AC and I scored with one small batch of kale which I was grateful for. I also scored on some half of apples & oranges. Heres what $45 worth of groceries look like here.

$45 worth of veggies & fruits

So far so good! Its been a beautiful morning! I have been busy with loads of energy doing laundry, cleaning house, dishes, and preparing our vegetables. I was so proud of myself I had to take a picture of all my hard work!

All my hard work paid off!

The veggies & fruit may not be as top notch as I hope but they do the job! I am off to continue my busy day of cleaning, and a long day at the gym enjoying our young Warrior basketball players. Heres to a beautiful day!

Beauty, right in my backyard!

Day 3 was a success! Although due to the craziness of the juicer stopping on me twice tonight while I was juicing, and the uncontrollable shaking, we are stopping tomorrow until our juicer arrives in the mail. I am expecting our new juicer to be here either Monday or Tuesday so we can begin again then. I am sad to stop since I hae been going on strong for the past 3 days with juices but its too much to hold down the juicer with all my might so that it doesnt shake off the countertop. Tonight we watched an exciting game our Bethel Warrior boys defeated the Nome Nanooks! Good job Warriors, way to get away with a W!

Here was our last and final dinner for the evening until our new juicer arrives. We had kale, carrots, celery, beet, lemon, orange peppers, cucumbers, and apples it was delicious!

Final dinner till the juicer arrives!
Final dinner till the juicer arrives!