Wiinga: About Me

Waqaa & Hello!

This is me. Nikki/Stinky/Quluqaq. I was born and raised in beautiful Bethel, Alaska. I am life long student. Registered Nurse. And I am an Aspiring Nurse Practitioner. Crafter. Sewer. Hunter. Gatherer. Practicing gathering plants as medicine. Skin Sewer. Beading enthusiast. And I love the outdoors.


Welcome to my first and very own blog.

I live in the cold, where -40 is normal. The cost of living is sky high. There are no fast food joints, movie theaters, arcades, or anything normal. We have to be creative.

I am a lover of all things. The outdoors. The indoors. I love reading, writing, cooking. I am a student. I love to learn new things. I hope to learn to play the ukulele, and guitar. This coming summer will be my second go around and gardening, and it is definately a learning process. I love to be active. I am married to a wonderful man who is the best part of my day. I have 5 beautiful children, and my toddler keeps me on my toes.

I am learning to blog. I am learning to live healthy every day one step at a time. I hope you enjoy.

If interested in ordering a qaspeq, make up bag, cup cozy, table runner, or anything else you can reach me by email sewyupik@gmail.com

Find me on FaceBook Sew Yup’ik

Or find me on Instagram Sew Yup’ik

Lastly if you cant find me any thru any of those outlets send me a smoke signal 🙂




8 thoughts on “Wiinga: About Me

  1. All I can tell you is that I would love to see some of what you make in person. I love your energy and your style in all I have seen in your sewing. Please…Barb

    1. Thanks! I do sell some of my work. What were you hoping to get your hands on? Thanks for following I love to share my work with others to see!

    1. I will look for it in my recipe book and share it with you! It is almost that time. I am hoping to make spruce tip jalapeno jelly 🙂

  2. Nikki, thank you for following my blog. I hope it will bring enrichment to your life. Obviously, that is what your creativity expressed in your sewing is doing for yourself and others. I remember that I bought my very own sewing machine when I was fourteen years old and spent many years making clothes for my family members and myself. Now I try to channel that creativity time into writing.

    1. Thank you Judy! It is so refreshing to know that I am not alone in this journey as a child of an alcoholic. Sewing is part of my healing and it allows me to escape from reality. I have steered away from writing but I am slowly getting there. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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